Meet Cheerie

Oh my goodness, ladies and gentlemen. We are now on the other side of labor day. This means a few things like it’s not longer appropriate to wear white… and…. FAll is almost here!

The first, a fashion rule created by wealthy-post Civil War women with the hopes ostracizing other women, is kinda silly. But, the second, is something I believe we can all get behind.

Bring on pumpkin flavored things, fall leaves and cool afternoon air!

Cheerie_topOfHeadBut before we head full tilt into fall… it’s that time again…. to meet another paper-craft friend. Appropriately we have Cheerie, she’s the perfect person to get us past summer and one stop closer to the Holidays. Gulp!

Why’s she perfect?

Well she’s just an all around bubbly and bright gal whom just happens to have a cheery atop her noggin. She is also one of six ‘Not So Sweet Cupcakes’ paper-craft cards. Ready to bring a little cheer and activity into your life, these fold’em-ups are ready to meet you!

Cheerie’s profile

  • favorite color: pink
  • favorite animal: raccoon
  • favorite food: cherry-flavored ring-pops
  • last book read: Shel Sliverstein’s “Where the sidewalk ends”
  • Hobby: hula-hooping

Since she just finished re-reading for the umptenth time ‘Where the Sidewalk Ends,’ she wanted to share one of Silverstein’s poems.  Thanks Cheerie, how nice!

Shel Silverstein's 'Wrong Way'

Interested in acquiring your own ‘Not So Sweet Cupcakes’ ? Find them on ETSY.

FIREGNAT is also on tumblr. Did you know that the last Wednesday of the summer marks the World’s largest tomato fight? Find out more about this, and who knows what else by following FIREGNAT there too.


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