Pickle Week

Pickles. They seem pretty simple, right?

Stick a cucumber into some brine…wait a while… and there you have a it. A pickled treat! But there is more to a pickle than that.
Pickles have been apart of our diets for a very long time, as far back as 2400 B.C. The Mesopotamians were known to be some of the earliest consumers of this salty-tart-treat. Though, they weren’t chowing down on the form of pickle that we are familiar with today. Originally pickles were a spicy type of sauce that was made to accompany meat dishes.
 The world ‘pickle’ is actually derived from the Dutch or low German work of ‘pekel’
pekel – something piquant
piquant – having a pleasant, spicy taste/ interesting and exciting

Fast forward through humanity’s timeline, and you’re sure to find some form of pickle in every culture, worldwide. A timeless treat really, both literally and figuratively. Pickling is a way in which food can be preserved over long stretches of time.

Christopher Columbus even had a long stop over in Haiti – before sailing to, and ‘discovering’ America – during which he took the time to grow cucumbers and pickle them. A handy way to stove off scurvey for his crew. Even Napoleon kept his troops on their feet with pickles.
Well anyways… more about pickles later. In fact, all this week we will explore this culinary curiosity, as…

FIREGNAT presents Not Shark ‘Shark Week.’ Those ocean dwelling-teethed-fish can’t get all the lime light! Bite back, and let’s get into those briny-depths. Follow FIREGNAT on tumblr.


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