Pickle Week

Pickles. They seem pretty simple, right?

Stick a cucumber into some brine…wait a while… and there you have a it. A pickled treat! But there is more to a pickle than that.
Pickles have been apart of our diets for a very long time, as far back as 2400 B.C. The Mesopotamians were known to be some of the earliest consumers of this salty-tart-treat. Though, they weren’t chowing down on the form of pickle that we are familiar with today. Originally pickles were a spicy type of sauce that was made to accompany meat dishes.
 The world ‘pickle’ is actually derived from the Dutch or low German work of ‘pekel’
pekel – something piquant
piquant – having a pleasant, spicy taste/ interesting and exciting

Fast forward through humanity’s timeline, and you’re sure to find some form of pickle in every culture, worldwide. A timeless treat really, both literally and figuratively. Pickling is a way in which food can be preserved over long stretches of time.

Christopher Columbus even had a long stop over in Haiti – before sailing to, and ‘discovering’ America – during which he took the time to grow cucumbers and pickle them. A handy way to stove off scurvey for his crew. Even Napoleon kept his troops on their feet with pickles.
Well anyways… more about pickles later. In fact, all this week we will explore this culinary curiosity, as…

FIREGNAT presents Not Shark ‘Shark Week.’ Those ocean dwelling-teethed-fish can’t get all the lime light! Bite back, and let’s get into those briny-depths. Follow FIREGNAT on tumblr.


the PI DAY of the CENTURY


Further, as the clock ticked on this morning we dove even further into the sequencing of PI and the world was locked for just a second into 3.141592653. Ah, ten glorious digits of PI to experience.

The ancients already knew that a circle was allows a little over 3 times as large hieroglyphicspsdas it’s diameter – I’m talking like 4000 years ago (think Babylonians and Egyptians). Well before you sat at your school desk taking notes in math class scratching out that ever-so-memorized and never-ending-nor-repeating decimal  of pi. And they knew this to be be true, always.

Now, this doesn’t really seem like a huge deal to us modern-tech-types of people. But it really was. Just think of how odd is really is that all circles, no matter their size held this basic principle in common. This doesn’t just effect our prowess at math or scent. As our understanding and precision to calculate Pi has grown – our understand of life itself. PI has become a foundation to a better understanding of our world as we seek to know and measure the very world and universe around us. Let’s take a peek at it inside the Fourier series.

This formula is a written and function representation of any process that occurs in repetition. From your own heartbeat to the Earth’s orbit around the sun.

“Probably no symbol in mathematics has evoked as much mystery, romanticism, misconception and human intreats as the number Pi.”  – William L. Shaaf

Taking a step away from PI as a fundamental basis of math, science and architecture, PI even seems to have a tickling reference to God. “Also he made a molten sea of ten cubits from brim to brim, round in compass, and five cubits the height thereof; and a line of thirty cubits did compass it round about.” – Kings 7:23

Are you yawning?…

… Well the point is that PI is very special and has been for a super long time.

So let’s begin our celebration of PI day, which is arguably a very American thing to do. Here in the States we read our calendars by month, day and then year. Which means that are are uniquely situated to celebrate today.

By now I’ve hope you’ve drawn the same conclusion as many when contemplating how to celebrate PI Day – why yes of course by eating pie! Not only is this confectioner’s delight an actual working prototype of PI  (after all it is a circle), but it phonetically sounds  the same too!

Allow me to introduce baker Brandon Welsh. He’s a baker at Dangerously Delicious Pies in Caton, Baltimore.

brandoneWelsh“People have been making, and putting all kinds of things into pies. Did you know that it was only relatively recently that we began to eat the crusts of pies? Coal miners in England used the crust to keep the contents warm and to keep the coal dust off. The crusts were thick and hard for that purpose.”

 Having sampled a delicious pie of Mr. Welsh, I can personally attest to the perfectly delectable and very eatable crust on my slice of Chicken Pot Pie. 

 “The crust of pie is a 3-to-1 ratio, of flour and shortening. It’s artistic, what you put in the pie could make it pedestrian or amazing.” 

When asked whether he thought that pie was inherently American, or did he find that it was more universal Welsh responded –

“Tons of different people have been putting lots of different things into pie. Of course there is the equidistant American apple pie. I can crush and apple pie, and it’s my favorite.”

Welsh and all those of Dangerously Delicious Pies were well aware of the impending PI Day. He even knew of the extra sequencing that was to occur in the morning. They were bracing for a large crowd, and in fact, had already booked reservations for 20 (this was a full week out). “If it’s anything like last year, we are going to be packed.”

A HUGE thanks for Brandon Welsh for sharing a little time away from his pies to chat. Whether you are a mathematician or a baker PI can be found everywhere in our daily lives. I feel I speak for many when I suggest that perhaps pie should be a part of our routines as well. Have a wonderful (and I hope delicious) PI Day!


Groundhog Day

Ladies and Gentlemen it is Groundhog Day.

For those that are not aware, this is the day we discover whether we are in for more winter or not. As you’ve probably deemed this is all determined by a groundhog. A groundhog that will emerge from it’s den and either see it’s shadow, (which would mean more winter), or not.

This is a tradition rooted in Pennsylvania German it’s first know occurrence in America was in 1841. And though I’m very curious to know if we are in for more cold weather…

I want to focus on what really made Groundhog Day something special. And that’s the movie by the same name.

Bill Murray - Groundhog Day

It’s a movie that chronicles the transformation of an ornery weather man named Phil as he is forced to relieve the same day time and time again. Phil – played by Bill Murray – struggles with,  and ultimately addresses those issues which had kept his life an unfulfilled misery. Ultimately he relives February 2nd, 38 times. Whew.

What you might not have known is that Tom Hanks was originally cast for the role of Phil, but director Harold Ramis thought he was too nice. So in steps Bill Murray.

And yet, Ramis and Murray argued constantly while this movie was being made. Murray thought the film should be more philosophical, while Ramis thought it should be a comedy.

Too my eyes, it seems like Murray tipped the scales a little. Perhaps it’s this that lead the United States National Film Registry to add it to its’ list calling it – culturally, historically and aesthetically significant.

Anywhoo, on this day I wish two things for you. One that little groundhog sees no shadow (unless of course you are a snowboarder – then I wish the opposite). And secondly a bit of reflection.

Whether or not you find your life on repeat – make sure to gorge yourself on your favorite treat every now and then – then determine what you really want from life – and then go for it.

Super Bowl XLILX

With the Super Bowl just around the corner, FIREGNAT wants to keep your tummy in the action with some half-time treats that are sure to represent!

How can you watch the New England Patriots take the field without a bowl of clam chowder in your hand? Right, I didn’t think so. Here’s a link to a delicious chowder recipe. Now say it like a real New-Englander [chooau-der]. Start cooking about an hour before kick-off and you’ll be spoon deep before half-time.

And let’s not forget to get our munchies on for those Seahawks too! Did you know that a local favorite of those Seattle-ans is a little smear of cream cheese on their hotdogs?! Check it out here, I gotta tell you, that I think it sounds amazingly delicious!

So while we are all cheering, heckling, eating and watching the half-time show, let’s be sure to keep in mind that Valentine’s is right around the corner! Make sure you are ready to show the people you love in a way that is twistedly-sweet. Get your Valentine’s here on Etsy.
super bowl 2015
couldn’t resist poking a little fun at the whole de-regulation-inflation scandal


What Do You Love?

Can you believe that Valentine’s Day is only 3 weeks away!? That’s barely a wink and a blink.

To pass the time FIREGNAT wants to know, what do you love? Do you love cats, or hats. Maybe you love cupcakes or elephants… whatever it is, tell FIREGNAT.

What Do You Love

Everyday until V-Day, FIREGNAT will doodle the first received “I love ______,” message sent via email or message through this site, or tumblr .

Watch all the action unfold daily on tumblr!
Let’s all make sure we are ready to express those lovey-gushy feelings towards the people you love. And if you’re finding that traditional sweet-nothings aren’t your style perhaps the twisted-sentiments found here would suit you better.

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Valentines To Terrault

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